The Wallet Proposal



The Wallet Proposal
Just a simple yet intimate and romantic dinner at TGIFriday’s

Well, I’ve been giving him a hint about this, since we already planned our wedding last December 2011. Yeah, he already proposed to my Dad back then, haha. They talked about the date and other things. Where am I during that awkward convo? I was there, listening attentively, not missing a single word. Ha!

So the days went on, weeks passed by and even months, no sign of formal proposal. I’ve been giving him a hint that I would not start with the wedding preparations unless he propose. Until, he called me up while I’m in the office asking for the size of my ring finger! Ha! Nice move Honey, I know what you’re up to. I already missed 12 of his calls, so he was really going to buy a ring that day. That night, he went to visit us to administer my Mom’s vaccine. And he just can’t help but give hints that he already bought my ring. Haha. After all the blah blah and my Mom telling him that it’s also a good investment, my Brother just blurted out “Nakabili na sya!” (He already bought one!) Haha. Then Thursday came, he asked me to go to church early, that’s 4:45pm, because he wants us to go out for dinner. Well, yes, he asked me on a dinner date which he rarely does. So I already assumed that this was it, the day that I’ve been waiting for. ❤




We chose SM Mall Of Asia instead of Greenbelt. He bought me this wallet from Bayo, I’ve been checking it out for about 5 times from different branches already! Yes, I liked it that much! (Thank you Hon! ❤) You might wanna take note of this brand-new-so-its-empty-wallet. He took me to plenty of Jewelry shops, for me to see the real beauty of a diamond, because I’ve never seen one or should I say I can’t tell whether it’s a diamond or not. He even asked me stuffs like, what type of engagement ring do I like. So I said, white gold band with a crystal, even if it’s not diamond, it’s okay. 🙂 And oh, btw, on our way to MOA, I already saw a bump in his pocket, Haha, yes I assumed it’s the ring box.

Finally, we decided to have dinner and try TGIFriday’s, yes it’s our first time to dine in there. After we ordered, he had his speech/vow. It was short but passionate and sincere. I almost cried. Period.

I was kind of excited with transferring my cards and stuffs to my brand-new-so-its-empty-wallet when he suddenly took it and asked “Gusto mong magkalaman?” (You want me to fill this up?) So I was like of course! And thought he was just kidding. So I smiled then took my phone to check-in on Foursquare. Then he put the now bulky-because-its-there-wallet on the table and he was laughing a bit. In just one look, I knew it was the ring. Haha. So I opened it myself, and there was the simple-yet-elegant engagement ring, just the way I like it to be. And of course he put it on my ring finger. 😉

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